The Way – part of Hyso’s new EP

About the way

“The Way” features on Hyso’s recently released EP, “Perception”. 

Here some words from Hyso about how this track was created:

The great thing about when I start making a song, is often I will have only a very brief idea of how I want it to sound. First I start with the Kick, and then the bassline. I really focus on the low end of the track first because that is where I am trying to get the most substance out of. Once I had these two elements the way I like, I could then start building the beat, which for me involves firstly getting that open hi-hat how I want it in combination with the closed hi-hats underneath. I then add the clap and then work on the snare pattern. Then I moved onto the chords and the lead. The bright chords you hear are cut out from a Sample Pack by Chris Stussy, while the organ lead I created using a chord instrument from within Garageband. The classic organ sound is something I’ve been really inspired by and that is something that listeners can expect to hear more from me. During this part of the process, I stumbled across some vocals which I thought would fit really nicely from Kate Wild. The vocals then influenced the way I arranged the organ in the build-up to create an interesting lead. The track is at 130bpm, a little faster for this kind of style of deep house but I like extra skip in the beat that the slightly quicker bpm provides. Overall it was loads of fun to make and I hope listeners enjoy
We had the pleasure to also host his track Andy part of the same EP, come have a listen on our channels.

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