Hugh Hyslop (hyso) House Producer and DJ from Melbourne, Australia

About Hugh Hyslop (Hyso)

Hugh Hyslop, is a 20 year old DJ and Producer from Melbourne, Australia.  He produces and DJs Deep House music for fun.

Making music is something that he’s been always intrigued about since he was young, but it hasn’t been until more recently in which he has been able to experiment with his ideas and thoughts and express them in the form of music. A lot of his inspiration for his music comes from old school House music from the 90’s. He has always loved the organ sounds in those tracks and he’s working on producing his own version of it. He is a pretty driven person and it’s not in his nature to settle for ‘average’; he says making music always poses challenges that require problem solving, trial and error. Sometimes he sits down and continues working on a track, but he just doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere, then often he will come back to it  and just have that lightbulb moment where everything clicks together, which is very satisfying for him.

some tracks from hyso


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