Home Is Where House Is Playing is Housepedia’s Podcast Series, here you will find different sets from House DJ’s around the world with a whole variety of House Music flavors.

Home Is Where House Is Playing Podcast Series acquired it’s name when Stephanie Gadsden, Housepedia’s Owner, started to create multiple DJ sets often at her living room during the 2020 world pandemic. It all started as the Living Room Sessionsthen, after a couple of months of extreme passion, she decided to name her DJ sets under the name of Home Is Where House Is Playing, in honor to how House Music made her feel at Home during a world pandemic.

Now, starting on July 2020, she decided to make Home Is Where House Is Playing an offical DJ Podcast Series with Housepedia Music with the purpose of setting up a place for DJs to show their passion and vibe with the world.

Host sets by IMGADSDEN as part of the same mix series.

Expect new podcast episodes on Fridays

Podcasts available on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts