Listen to DJ with Soul : A Soulful House DJ and Producer

About DJ with Soul

DJ with Soul has always been a music enthusiast who discovered a music genre in the mid-’90s which is still the biggest passion in his life – house music.

This was mainly due to listening to radio shows like HR3 Clubnight as well as going to house clubs or collecting different kinds of DJ mixtapes, first and foremost influenced by US house
DJs and their particular sound, such as Jesse Saunders, Frankie Knuckles and Masters at Work.

In 2001, he decided to buy his first records in order to learn the art of mixing. House DJs from the USA would also influence him most during his growth as a DJ, both in terms of music and skill. For more than 15 years, he has been an enthusiastic vinyl collector and a DJ who has played at clubs, lounges and bars in different regions of Germany, such as Nachtcafé (Leipzig), Zooma (Plauen), Blumengold (Cologne) and Die Bank (Munich).

When playing a set, his music comprises a wide variety of house music, especially funky, Latin, soulful and garage houseor even the original disco sound.

Since 2010, DJ with Soul has also been focusing on music production, particularly on house music that comes from the heart and which has a warm sound as well as soulful elements. For the last couple of years he has released his music on numerous house labels such as Smile for a while, Berlin Bass Collective or Melodymathics – just to name a few.

some tracks from dj with soul

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