Alfredo Ávila: Mexican House Music DJ and Producer focused on producing the classic sound of Deep House. Recently founded White Deer Records.

About Alfredo Ávila

Alfredo Ávila is a DJ and producer from the South East part of Mexico, he focuses mainly in the classic Deep House sounds. He has signed in many different record labels all over the world, being a good reference for his country in terms of House Music.

The Mexican producer started musical production when he was 17 years old, he also started his carreer as a DJ when he turned 18, becoming resident of one of the best clubs in his city and playing in different cities in his country.

Alfredo founded on 2019, his record label White Deer Records, with which he has already 15 releases, signing different artists all over the world, like, Rawdio, Arie Mando, Deepear, Jacssen, Denyl Brook, Derrick Da House, Nicola Brusegan, and many other underground House music producers.

This year the Mexican will be releasing his first 2 vinyl releases with some record labels from Belgium: Muzik and Friendz y House Cookin Records.


some tracks from alfredo ávila

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